Summer Questions

Our summer season typically runs May 15 – October 15, weather dependent.

We offer seasonal, monthly and per visit rates for our lawn care service. You can choose from 22 weekly visits, 11 bi-weekly or a combination of 16 visits; weekly visits from the start of the season until mid-July and bi-weekly visits thereafter.

We offer seasonal, monthly and per visit rates for our lawn care service. Seasonal clients receive a 15% discount on the per visit rate and monthly clients receive a 5% discount on the per visit rate.

Yes, we do! If you would prefer to call us and request a lawn care visit as needed you can certainly do that. We schedule our “on request” visits weekly on a Friday. Space is limited so if you have an idea of when we can help you out, give us a call and we’ll add you to the schedule.

A rain shower doesn’t stop the professional team at Mow and Snow! If we experience heavy rain over consecutive days and the ground becomes saturated, we will bump our visits to allow the ground to dry and for us to maximize our care time at your property.

Yes, we schedule our routes to hit specific areas of Fernie and Sparwood on specific days. During the early part of the summer season, as we are often dealing with changeable weather, this can mean that your visit is not on the day intended for your area but we work hard to catch up and have your visit take place on a regular day as soon as we can.

Dogs and cats are loved by all the team here at Mow and Snow, in fact, they probably outnumber the humans on the team! To help us to complete our visit in full, we ask all clients to ensure that all animal feces, such as pet, is collected before our visit as it cannot be cleaned up by our lawn care team. In the instance that animal feces remains onsite and we’re unable to complete our visit, we will return on the next scheduled visit.

Winter Questions

Our winter season typically runs from November 15 – April 15.

We clear commercial businesses when the overnight snowfall has reached 5cm (2”) and we clear residential properties when the overnight snowfall has reached 10cm (4”).

Yes, we do! We offer residential clients seasonal and per visit rates for regular snow removal. The seasonal rate is based on an average of 22 visits and provides a discounted price on the per visit rate.  

The seasonal rate is invoiced in full prior to the start of the snow removal season. The per visit rate is invoiced at the end of each month for the completed visits.

Commercial clients please contact us for further information on contract options to suit your needs.

Our plow routes service all commercial clients first to meet the City of Fernie Bylaws. Once we have completed our commercial route, we then start on our residential routes. We generally hit areas of town at around the same time each plow day so we can certainly give you a rough idea as to when we will be in your area but we can’t guarantee a time as this can vary due to the amount of snow which has fallen.

If your vehicle is in the driveway, we won’t be able to plow. Please try to move your vehicle out before we come or if you hear us outside you can run out and move it! This way we can give your driveway a full clean out which will make it easier to maintain. We are unable to return on a regular plow day due to time constraints.

Our On Request Plow and Shovel Visits take place on a “Sunny Day” which is the first sunny day after the storm or snowfall has finished. This could be the day after snow has fallen, or in the event of a storm, it could be a 2 or 3 days after the storm has passed. We will be there as soon as we can but are unable to guarantee when we will be able to clear your property.

Other Questions

We provide all clients the option of receiving their invoice by email or by mail, just let us know what you prefer when you set up your service. Payment is accepted by credit card via a secure link embedded in your invoice email; cheque or cash.

You can complete the contact us form below, email us at info@mowandsnow.ca or by calling us on 250-423-1665.