Lawn Care

Our professional teams provide routine lawn maintenance services. Visits include mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging, removal of litter and debris from lawn and landscape areas, blowing of grass clippings from curbs, walks, drives and patios.
Our team use ride on mowers, hand mowers, power edgers, trimmers, power blowers, and various hand tools; everything they need to make your yard look great all summer!

Choose Weekly (22 visits), Bi Weekly (11 visits), or a combination of both (16 visits- weekly when the grass growth is vigorous, biweekly when its not). Call or email to receive a seasonal quote for your yard needs!

Spring and Fall Services

Get your yard ready for the summer by removing gravel and debris, aerating, power raking, overseeding and fertilizing.

In the fall, our team can get you property winter ready by removing fruit, leaves, pruning, fertilizing and completing the final mow.

Fertilizing and Weed control

We have a variety of different methods for controlling unwanted weeds and depending on your specific requirements we can design and implement an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPMP).

Regular fertilizing provides additional nutrients for your trees, lawn and garden areas. Our team can test your soil and prescribe a combination of micro and macro nutrients and ensure a vigorous, disease and pest free growing season.

Horticulture Services

Our horticulturalists can design, install and maintain any type of garden bed. Picking the right plants for the climate and sun exposure is an important step to making your beds easy to maintain and lush. Our team can be scheduled for regular maintenance visits throughout the summer season or just in the Spring and Fall.

Our Expertise

“It’s more than just mowing the lawn”

At Mow and Snow our team takes a holistic approach to your property. Our trained staff understand grass types, fertilizer and water requirements and growing conditions – care for your lawn by understanding what’s happening in the soil, the plant and conditions around it.

Commercial Grade Equipment

Mow and Snow uses commercial grade lawn maintenance equipment. Our mowing decks are reinforced with additional steel which allows for higher blade speed and better cutting performance. Our comprehensive maintenance program partnered with high quality equipment ensures down time is minimized which means we will make our visit.

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